Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Buy this book now! You will love the Roller Coaster Ride!

One Click this book on Amazon, you will LOVE THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!! "I won this book on Facebook in a contest for Jamie Sue Wilsoncrofts Release Day Blitz Event!" I absolutely L- O - V - E - D this book! First of all, I want to say that Amie is a partially deaf single mother of two. She works her behind off, owns her own in home dog grooming business and supports herself and her kids that way. Secondly, I am a mother of two teenagers (boy and girl too!) and Jamie Wilsoncroft hit the nail on the head with Amie's kids! I love Amie's relationship with her Father, Son, and Daughter. Her Father is so protective of her. (even though she's in her 30's, it shows a parents job is never done) He's a father figure to his grandchildren, he is there almost always when Amie needs him, and he watches the kids every now and then to give her a break. That is so sweet and he's such a good man to do that for his daughter. Her son and daughter are absolutely awesome, sweet, and funny to read about when they interact. (reminds me of my kids and at times I felt I was actually in the story on the pages.) Of course, they are your typical teens and fight a lot, but they all love each other at the end of the day. When Amie really needed the kids to step up and help out, they did and with a smile on their faces. Then there's Rob... swooooonn!!! He is this gorgeous, sexy, sweet, loving, and adorkable all in one lead singer of a boy band, of all things, called "Wrong Way". 
Amie's best friend won tickets for her and her daughter their concert and passes to the bands tour bus. Amies daughter is an avid fan too. So, the day of the concert when they enter the tour bus, Rob is immediately taken by Amie. 
It takes a lot of up and downs for these two and Amie doesn't have anything easy in her life at all. All you want to do throughout the book is hug her and help her every step of the way. She eventually will get there on her own tho, because that women is a fighter! I recommend this story to all you ladies looking for a good Rockstar Romance and love story. There's even sexy times in there too!!!! Absolutely loved it.

I CAN NOT WAIT for book 2! So excited! Now go buy, one click, stalk this author, check this book out and get hooked in Amie and Robs love story. Warning. .. make sure you have time, because it will be hard to put down....

***** Five stars

Sincerely, Laura Redmon
Cutting Muse Blog Reviewer  :)

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