Sunday, August 16, 2015

Welcome To Our Blog!

  Welcome to our blog, our Muses and Musettes!

Here we begin our journey to the top of blogging on, 8/16/2015. 8:12 PM, Pacific Time Zone.

Join us, as we find you, yes you the best books out there to read. Or if you aren't looking for a book, and are a author yourself, request for your book to be reviewed. Better yet!

*Drum Rolls*

We sale plots! I'm a author myself, but there is plots I come up with that I just cannot do. No sense in that going to waste, is there?

I will sale those plots at a price, we will discuss this price over email, and just for those of you out there who can't afford it... Once a month, I will do a raffle, giving away one of my plots!

This is CuttingMuse, signing off, in 3.. 2.. 1..!

Or should I say signing in?

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