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Title: Princess
Series: The Dark Shadows
Author: Ariel Marie
Cover Designer: The Cover Collection
Releasing: November 14, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance


For centuries, a vicious war has raged on between the Necromancers and Vampires. Two powerful races who refused to surrender in defeat.  A half a century ago, the Necromancers disappeared from the face of the Earth…. until now.

Nadira Olaru, the youngest offspring of the Vampire King has become the target of the re-emerging Necromancers. The King of the Necromancers has offered a peace treaty, an offer he refuses to take no for an answer. His one demand-- Nadira to mate with his son. The Dark Shadows, Vampire warriors run by her eldest brother, have been charged with protecting the Vampirian Princess at all cost. 

Zac Cooper, human police detective, never believed in the supernatural world, that is, until he witnessed a dead body walk right out of the morgue. Fate brings Zac and Nadira together. Twice. Nadira knows that Zac is her Fated Mate, but now he is caught in the middle of the war between the Vampires and Necromancers.

Nadira is torn, should she be selfish and mate with the love of her life for all eternity? Or should she sacrifice their love forever, and let him go, in order to save him? 

Nadira Olaru is the youngest offspring of the Vampire King. She’s a hopeless romantic who has found her mate. She knows that she was made for him and he for her. But will she be able to convince him, a human, that they were meant to spend an eternity together?

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Sneak Peek
The bell over the door rang, signaling patrons entering the bakery. She glanced out the large window by their table, noting two black unmarked cars parked on the street in front of the restaurant. Her vampire vision allowed her to see that the first car was empty and the second car held her guard, Cyran, waiting for her to finish hanging out. A prickling feeling coursed down her arms at the same time the hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention.
That’s weird.
She glanced around the diner, noting the two handsome men who stood in front of the counter, placing their order. The first one stood about six feet tall, with a slim, fit build and sandy blond spiked hair, a dark leather jacket, and jeans. The second one wore dark jeans and a similar jacket, standing about six-foot-three-inches tall with jet-black hair and a nice muscular build. Something about the second one captivated her and the sounds of the girls laughing and talking faded off into the background.
As if feeling someone watching him, the second one turned and looked directly at her. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart pounded in her chest as her hands became sweaty. His warm brown eyes held hers; she didn’t want to stop looking into those bedroom eyes. Time stood still and she suddenly had the urge to go to him. The guy behind the counter came back with the mysterious guy’s order, causing him to break eye contact. He turned, laughing at something the cashier said.
“Wow! What the hell was that?” Anika said, elbowing Nadira to get her attention. She turned to the girls now realizing that all eyes were on her.
Lisa fanned herself with her napkin. “Please tell me you’re going to talk to him!” she exclaimed. “If you don’t, I certainly will. Did you see his eyes?”
Her incisors threatened to descend, making her not able to speak as she tried to get control of herself. A deep dark emotion swirled around in her chest. Never had she experienced this type of sensation before. Is this jealousy? She couldn’t believe it but right now, she wanted to reach across the table and snatch her friend’s hair out.
“I don’t know…” she started to say, while all the girls at the table protested.
“When was the last time you’ve gone on an actual date?” Robin asked, earning herself a scowl from Nadira.
“How about got laid?” Lisa chimed in.
“It’s been a minute…” she started to answer. Glancing over, she could see that he was making his way over to their table, leaving his friend at the checkout counter.
“Oh, no! He’s coming!” she squealed, not knowing if she should flee or hide under the table. The girls laughed at her, enjoying her squirming in her seat.
She had never had this reaction to a guy. Sure, she had dated before and even had sex, but she never had a heart stopping, no one else was around, you were the only two in the world, moment like this before. Just looking at him took her breath away. She flushed slightly, sensing her panties becoming damp, watching him walk towards her. His eyes didn’t leave hers as he drew closer to her.
Could he be her Fated Mate?
Almost four hundred years old, she always dreamed of finding her one true love. Her parents were Fated Mates and had been together for over five hundred years. She had longed to find her mate, someone she could spend all eternity with.

About the author

Ariel Marie fell in love with books at an early age. She can remember her first favorite book was Mickey Meets the Giant. She read the book so many times that it fell apart and she was devastated! Fast-forward thirty years later, Ariel now writes books she hopes readers will fall in love with and read over and over. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre. Who doesn’t love Shifters, Witches, Faes and all the other paranormals? She just loves writing about couple’s first meeting, the magnetism of when their eyes first meet and the first kiss! Her favorite part of writing paranormals is creating the world that the characters live in. 

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The Dark Shadows 1
Releasing: November 14, 2015

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