Friday, November 20, 2015

Release Blitz: Secrets, Lies and Deception Book 1 by Vicki Shaw

Release Blitz:
Secrets, Lies and Deception Book 1
Vicki Shaw
Nov 20th

Roxie has finally gotten everything sorted and is set to leave on a working trip around Australia. With both parents gone she has nothing holding her back from finding out what it is she really wants from life. For the first time in a long time she finally feels like she has everything under control, until she meets Martin Bolt.
‘It’s always the way. I’m happy and wanting to be on my own, Why now, why him. He had to come along and make me question everything. Who I really am and what I truly want in life.
Just when I thought I had everything under control.
It’s not because I am weak, lord knows I have endured more than someone my age should. It is hard to fight to keep my heart safe. Especially when I’m fighting to save, My sanity, My control, and My life.’
Keeping her heart from Martin isn’t the only thing throwing her life into chaos. Someone is sending her threatening messages. Roxie’s world comes shuttering down around her. Every lead they have to track down the person responsible leads to a dead end.
If she manages to stay alive, will her dreams come true? Or will she find new ones to fight for?


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Vicki’s love of books and reading started when she was in high school. She had struggled with speech, spelling and reading her whole life until she turned 15 and an English teacher introduced her to the world of books and reading. From there, there was no stopping her. She started reading Mills and Boon books but soon moved on to historical romances. She now reads just about anything.
She started writing plays in high school but no one knew or ever read them. She then moved onto writing poetry when a life-changing event happened in her life. It was her way of dealing with it. After reading hundreds of books she decided that she had untold stories to tell and that is when she started writing books.
She is now living in Brisbane Australia with her husband and 5 of her 6 children (the eldest of the 6 is living on campus at a collage not far away), a cat and the baby of the family Pixie Diva, the much loved family dog.

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