Monday, December 21, 2015

Immortal Embrace By Ashley Beckem

Immortal Embrace
by Ashley Beckem
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires

Enter into a world where Vampires not only rock your world on stage, but rock your world in bed. See the struggles they go through from theneeding to feed, and protecting humans; especially the ones that they love.

A classic love story, that asks the question, could a undead man love a human woman? How far is he willing to go for her, and for a normal life?

Male/Female with a happily ever after ending (and a couple bumps along the way).

Growing up in Chicago I dreamed about living in a warmer climate and escaped to Florida when the opportunity presented itself.  Think Chicago gave us a couple of gifts. First, by being forced to spend so much time indoors I developed hopefully good imagination and my husband became a kick ass software developer. However, when an opportunity presented itself we were on the first flight to Florida!

Love being on the water from being on the beach to boating. When we can’t make it to the beach we love being outdoors (riding our bikes,golf, or tennis).

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