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Release Day Blitz: Second Chance Shifter Series Author: Meredith Clarke  

Title: Second Chance Shifter Series Author: Meredith Clarke Release Day Blitz: December 17 Genre: Paranormal Hosted by: S.B.B. Promotions
Loyal To The Bear
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Carly Tate lost her father to a shape-shifter when she was five and has hated the shifter world since.
In college, she meets her true love, Henry and her life seems to be perfect. Until she finds that he is a bear shifter and despite what her heart tells her she leaves him without saying goodbye. Henry still longs for her four years later, and he moves to Boston to be closer to Carly. When he shows up at her apartment she pushes him away, breaking his heart. But his bear knows something is wrong and stays close to protect her. When his back is turned a serial killer takes Carly captive. Henry must race against time to save her life.
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“Carly, wait!” Henry called after her. Shit, she thought, as she stopped short in front of her door. She felt his strong presence behind her and gripped the door handle to make sure her knees didn’t give out.
Henry’s breath fell against Carly’s neck, sending goose bumps spreading across her body. Carly knew she needed to put space between them, but a part of her didn’t want to. She hated how he made her question herself.
 As she felt Henry’s strong hand encircle her wrist, a pulse coursed through her, and she longed for the relationship that they once had. Things had been so easy between them. They just clicked. Then it all went to shit.
 Henry gently tugged on Carly’s wrist, and Carly slowly turned around to face him, but she couldn’t look into his deep brown eyes. She knew that if she did, she would lose all of her strength. She heard Henry clear his throat and wondered if this was as hard for him as it was for her.
Her Bear For Life
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Drake knew that Mia was his mate when he first laid eyes on her at fifteen years old. The last thing he ever expected was for her to be taken away from him and for her not to return to their small Montana town until twelve years later.
Mia loved Drake with all of her young heart, but when all of her letters went unanswered, she assumed her parents were telling the truth when they said he'd moved on. Now, her mother's in the hospital and she's forced to return to Spring Creek, Montana and face him after all this time.
Drake's been waiting for his mate to return home, to get answers for why she left without looking back, and to claim her as his. Now Mia's back where she belongs, in his bed and in his arms, but someone is still trying to keep them apart. Little do they know that Drake is her bear for life, and has no intention of ever letting her go again.
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Large hands grasped her arms to steady her, and Mia brought her head up, having to keep craning her neck further back to look into the face of the man who caught her.
            At five foot ten inches, with plenty of hips, ass, and breasts to spare, Mia was no shrinking violet, but the man holding her made her feel as delicate as that flower. He had to be six foot five if he was an inch, with a powerful build and a well-groomed beard. The entirety of him would have been intimidating, if it wasn’t for those eyes. Like hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day, they soothed her even as they warmed her from the inside out.
            Mia hadn’t forgotten those eyes, the effect they had on her, or the tenacity with which she’d loved the boy they belonged to. But the owner of those eyes was no longer a boy… No, Drake was all man.
            A man whose intensity hadn’t dimmed in the slightest; if anything, it had increased, and Drake was looking at her as if he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to throttle her or throw her down right there in the airport lobby and claim her.
            One look at his face, one second back in his arms, and Mia was already hoping for door number two.
Bear Again
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Liam Grayson is his clan’s new alpha after the death of his best friend. He's devastated, but he knows the clan needs a leader to move on.
Sophia Withers is trying to move on after the death of her mate. Only, she didn’t realize when she pledged to be his mate, she had also pledged herself to his clan. The future of the clan rests on her returning to her rightful position within the clan, or everything could be lost.
When Liam shows up after the clan's two-year mourning period ends to take Sophia as his mate, she refuses to even speak to the notorious sexy playboy. She isn't interested in another broken heart. Although, she doesn't know Liam has been in love with her for years. To him, this isn't about clan duty--this has always been about Sophia.
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He parked in front of The Sweet Tooth and looked through the windows. The cupcake shop looked empty, but it was hard to tell through the heavy drops of rain.
It was time. The clan had given her space and time to grieve. Today marked the end of the mourning season. Sophia had to come back to the clan.
Liam stepped one foot out of his truck, making a large splash with his boot. The rain slid along his cheek, soaking his hair and shirt. He pushed open the door as the bell chimed to announce his arrival.
“I’ll be right out,” he heard her voice from the back of the shop. She was probably in the kitchen.
He shoved his hands in his jeans, waiting for her to appear. She wouldn’t expect him. She wouldn’t expect any of them. He had purposely stayed away until now. He cleared his throat.
“I just put a fresh batch…” She looked stunned as if her words were stuck in her throat. “Liam?”
“Hey, Soph.”
“What are you doing here?” She wiped her hands on the front of her apron.
“How are you?” He took a step toward the glass shelves where she stored baked goods.
Her hair was longer than the last time he saw her. He liked how she had it pulled back on the sides, but it hung down in long auburn waves around her shoulders.
“Don’t.” She backed up. “Don’t show up here and start asking about me.”
“It’s been two years,” he stated.
He noticed the quiver in her lip and how her brilliant blue eyes began to mist. “I know exactly how long it’s been.”
“Then you also know why I’m here.” The rain rattled the windows behind him, but he didn’t flinch.
She pulled the strings on the apron and threaded it over her head before hanging it up on a nearby hook.
“Soph, did you hear me?”
She whipped around. “I have no idea why you’ve suddenly decided to show up, but you can get out. Get out of my shop, Liam.”
He shook his head. “Look, I’m going to sit right over there. And I would like a cup of coffee.”
Her eyes widened. “Are you kidding me?”
“No. I’d like it black, please. And hot.” He turned from her and settled behind one of the bistro tables in the corner.
Sophia disappeared into the kitchen. He wasn’t sure if she was going to return with coffee or a gun, but he waited. Ten minutes later she emerged with a hot mug. She slammed the cup on the table, spilling coffee around the sides of the mug.
“There. Drink it and get out,” she fumed.
Liam knew she would be angry. He knew she would reject his visit, and probably resent his very presence.
He looked up at her. “Thank you.”
There was a lot to tell her. More had happened in the past two years since he had seen her than could be discussed over one cup of coffee, but this was the beginning. This was their beginning.
A Promise To Bear
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Twila Jacobs has lost everything.
After her grandmother’s passing she is left picking up the pieces. Her main problem being Bear Lake Lodge. A place she hasn’t been in three years. When she left Jasper Blake.
Jasper has hidden his bear and pain about his rough upbringing for years. The one girl he opened his heart to left for Montana without even saying goodbye. Heartbroken, he’s waited years for her to return. But when she finally does, he doesn’t know if she’ll ever accept his bear side.
The two are forced into a business relationship, running the lodge, while trying to overcome both their pasts. But can they?
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Jasper nodded and followed her up the back steps into the service entrance of the lodge. They made their way through the kitchen and out into the lobby. Standing at the front desk was a deliciously curvy woman with dark auburn hair facing away from him. Could it be?
Twila turned around just in time to make eye contact with Jasper, another memory of this place that she had tried to forget. He looked just as sexy as ever, with broad shoulders and thick built chest. He stood almost six inches above her and yet she could still see the green flecks in his dark emerald eyes. His hair had grown longer, dark brown wisps falling slightly into his face. But he kept it short in the back, just as she remembered. Flashbacks to the night before her parents were killed were seared into her brain. Her nails digging into his skin, the sweat dripping off of their hot bodies in front of the fireplace.
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Meredith Clarke likes long walks in the trees and drinking sangria. Yeah for real. Like Edward Sparkly Cullen style. She writes alpha male yet cuddly characters and the hot women that love them. Open a book or two, eat a s’more, and cuddle up with the men of Meredith Clarke.
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