Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BLOG TOUR: Archaic Wolves by M. Redmon

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Archaic Wolves
by M. Redmon
Genre YA Werewolf Romance


Before the rebellion, there was the Archaic Wolves.

One black as obsidian.

One red as blood.

One of the purest white.

They were thought to be killed.

Now we're in the 21st century...


Althea Morale, is a orphan. Along with her triplet Orion Morale, and Adara Morale.

All they've ever known is abuse and humiliation.

Until the Ginney's come into their lives.

They're introduced to the world, of where they're supposed to be.

What exactly are they?

Archaic wolves.

The last of them.

The Ginney's are the ones to watch over them from the beginning of time, and they must not fraternize with the royals, but a change is in the midst.

With love, lust, hate and mates... It is kind of hard not to fraternize.

Watch as the three go through the ghosts of their past, the thrills of the future, and the ever changing present.

Kaspian's Character Interview

What do you think of the Royals or as some may call them the Archaic Wolves?

I think they are needed, without them all wolves would go into chaos. It may be a bit bias, as I am the Royals protectors, and one of the girls mate.

Why do you feel the need to tell her what you did?

I felt the need to tell Althea that second half of the story because a prince doesn't always mean happily ever after. Perhaps, the one always standing to the side is the one that would truly protect you.

Did you know Ryder before meeting the Royals?

Sadly... Yes. He is from a long line of heritage. If you refer to the wolf story, the prince wanted the princess for himself, for her power. That story is real.

What do you think is next for you and Althea?

Well, mating season is coming...

Anything you can give away about part two?

All I can say is expect war, love, pups, wings and magic.

At the age of nine, I started writing. I would write poems, even short stories, but never really novels or novellas. This went on for a few years, until I turned eleven. I got cancer, also known as Hodgkin's Lymphoma and started writing a whole lot more. I put all the pain I was going through, and my emotions into my writing. It made me feel powerful, like I could control something in life.

When I was in BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) for four months, I wasn't allowed out of the room. No sunlight, no feel of the cold wind, I can't even step outside the room once. The only thing keeping me sane in that hospital, was writing. I could escape into a different world, a different life for hours on end.

I'm fifteen and a half now, and love to write a lot. Coming up as of January 2016, I'll be in Remission for two years, as long as I continue taking my chemo to keep the cancer away. Most people would call me a chameleon writer, a person who writes all genres. I hope I do good in this writing business, as I'd love to share my work with the world, and in turn my story.

If you ever want to know more about me, or just want to talk, here's a few things I like to talk about








High school life

Oh, and did I mention boys? 

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