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Blood Moon (Everealm #3)
by J.D. Wright
Release Date: January 1st 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

The aftermath of the wildfire has caused undesirable events to unfold in Everealm. When something precious is taken from Junacave, Bree and the others must hunt down a wizard and retrieve a stolen amulet in order to save their beloved. Little do they know, the amulet may very well be hiding secrets of its own.
On her journey to a better life, away from Labara, Rianne discovers that being on her own is more challenging than she had predicted. Determined to escape her betrothal to King Carneath, she must do everything in her power to avoid being captured or else face a certain life of misery. Along the way, she stumbles upon a new ally, who may be the answer to her prayers.

Bonds are broken, relationships are tested, and new love is forged under the Blood Moon, Book Three of the Everealm Series.

Adult content. Intended for mature audiences.



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Excerpt One
Rowan picked up a small piece of white lace and looked at it. Then he placed it back on the table and picked up another piece of lace from beside it.
“This is ridiculous. Why are you spending so much time looking at lace?”
“Because I need to choose one, of course, for the tabletops” Bree replied, walking around to the opposite side of the table.
“But they are all the same…”
“No, they aren’t.”
Rowan picked up a second piece and held it beside the other in his hand.
“They look identical.”
Finn leaned over the table and pointed to the first lace. “The flowers are the same, but the border is different,” he said.
Rowan shook his head. “Why don’t you just close your eyes and pick one?” He was met with widened eyes and looks of disgust on Bree and Finn’s faces. “Or not.”
“Each piece of silkwork requires a skilled hand and many days’ time,” Bree said. “To just pick one would be incredibly rude. You must admire each design, then carefully choose a pattern that will mirror the elegance of the ceremony.” 
Rowan heard her speak, but he didn’t understand a word that she said. It sounded like rubbish created to pass the time. He knew that men typically left wedding ceremony planning to women, so he still didn’t understand why Bree insisted he be there. He doubted she cared for his opinion, anyway. “Perhaps, I should leave the two of you to this matter…”
“No!” Bree said, reaching across the table to grab Rowan’s arm before he could turn away. “We don’t need to choose lace at this very moment, but we do still need to... discuss the guests.”
“We already did that, yesterday. And it’s nearly bedtime now.”
“I meant to say the food. We need to discuss the food.” 
Rowan narrowed his eyes. “Breestlin…”
Bree let go of his arm and straightened up. She tried to keep her face calm but hearing him say her name that way was a clear sign that he suspected something. If she didn’t convince him otherwise, she might as well kiss her plan goodbye.
“What? Why are you looking at me that way?” she asked.
“What did you do?”
“I haven’t done anything and I am insulted that you would even suggest it.” Her attempt at denial was useless. He could read her like a book.
“What did she do?” Rowan asked, turning to Finn.
“Don’t look at me. If she is scheming, it doesn’t involve me this time.”
“Sidonie,” Rowan said, looking at Bree, again. “Where is she?”
“Upstairs, I believe,” Bree replied. “With Sarita.” That much was true.
Rowan stared at her but didn’t say a word.
“Stop staring. It’s incredibly annoying, Rowan. Stop.”
“I know you’re up to something.”
“I am not. And even if I were, it is none of your concern.” She looked down and pretended to brush something off of her skirts.
“Ha! I knew it. Don’t you remember what happened the last time you interfered in matters that didn’t involve you?
“How was I to know that the fairy queen would force them to marry!” Immediately, Bree knew that she had told him exactly what he wanted to hear. The smirk he was now giving her was proof. Damn.

Writing Playlist for Blood Moon
By: J.D.
I have a strangely diverse taste in music and have favorites in nearly every genre (except disco… I really dislike disco). My playlists usually have country, rock, pop, oldies, and everything between. If a song has powerful lyrics, I could care less about the rhythm. However, I can also overlook the lyrics entirely if the beat is nice. Prime example: The Hills by The Weekend. I have no clue what that song is about but when the beat drops… so do my standards, apparently. ;)

I listened to a lot of music over the approx. 2 months it took to write and edit this book. Here is a short sample of what was on my writing playlist during the evolution of Blood Moon:

~ Switchfoot – Dare You to Move
~ Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams
~ Little Mix – Black Magic
~ Nickelback – Savin Me
~ Brooks & Dunn – My Next Broken Heart
~ Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love
~ Celine Dion – Taking Chances
~ Taking Back Sunday – Slowdance on the Inside
~ Reba McEntire – Till You Love Me
~ Blackhawk – Almost a Memory
~ Cold War Kids – First
~ Taylor Swift – Red

Blood Moon Teaser Quotes

Finding excerpts to share from Blood Moon was difficult because I didn’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t had an opportunity to read it yet. However, here are several teaser quotes from the book that may hint toward plotlines but do not give too much away. (I hope!) ~J.D.

~ Gabby gaped at her. “I know the queen likes to read stories to you, but you don’t actually believe them. Do you? There isn’t always a brave knight to come and save you.”

~ “Who are you?” he demanded. “And don’t lie to me. Did my father send you to track me? Are you a spy?”
“I am no spy,” she spat, pulling her arm away. “And even if I were a spy, I wouldn’t tell you. That would make me a terrible spy.”

~ “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the castle?” she shouted.
“Why are you here? You should be at the castle. It’s your wedding day,” he shouted back.
“It’s your wedding day, too. Yet, you’re out in the forest, riding a horse.”
“And what are you riding, Princess? A ghost?”

~ “Are you hiding from your horse?”
“Don’t be judgmental. This is my last apple.”

~ “I’ve met plenty of princesses before,” he said, “but I’ve never kissed one.”

~ “Sid, I’ve been thinking about something,” he began.
“Oh, no. Why do I have a feeling that you are about to say something I will not like?”
“Because I am.”

~ “I can’t believe you agreed to this,” Rowan said, laughing. “This is the most insane idea that I have ever heard. And I have heard of some fairly ridiculous ideas. Even thought up a few of them, myself.”

~ “For a man with such confidence, Dagan, I am getting a small thrill watching you squirm.”

All of the Everealm books transport me back to a time in which I have never been.... but would love to go. 
The Author, J. D. Wright, makes you feel as if you are truly from that Era.

Blood Moon and the entire Everealm series is well written and is so exciting to read. J. D. Wright gives us action, adventure, magic, love, and romance. She makes you believe in her characters and I couldn't put her books down.

If you do anything,  you have to read this series, but also check out the wonderful website dedicated to Everealm.

****I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. ****

Laura Redmon
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About the Author
Writing has always been a hobby of mine, beginning as a young child. It was a way to cope with losing my father at seven years of age. I started with poetry and was featured several times on the amazing poetry blog, Autumn Leaves, by Sondra Ball. My love for poetry soon led to writing songs in middle school and beyond, which I still do occasionally. Music has always been an important part of my existence, so writing songs came naturally to me. In high school, I started my own novel, however, life got in the way and I never finished it.

Fast forward many years later and I find myself married with three children, absorbed in my busy life with commitments to my family, work, school, church, and charities, among other things. One day I came across my old binder, with notes from my first novel, and it was with those notes that I conjured up the elusive Everealm.

I write to please readers such as myself, who have a love for fantasy and romance, but like a little danger and sex in their reading. I wrote the book with a mature audience in mind, who can appreciate a hearty imaginary world with magic and the unknown, but want more than fluffy love stories with wizards in them. They want the romance, magic, and danger, all wrapped into one.

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