Friday, January 22, 2016

MANACONDA Hammered #1 Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn

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Hammered #1
Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn
Releasing on January 19, 2016.
Rainbow Rage Publishing

My name is Hunter Jordan, lead singer of Hammered and no, I didn't name my cock Manaconda.

Rolling Stone did.

On the front cover of their damn magazine.

I still haven't lived it down. And now our record label wants to maximize the frenzy.

So, I have a brand new PR person–Kennedy McManus.

And she's making me insane.

I don't know whether to ignore her, yell at her, or push her up against the wall and kiss her smart mouth shut.

BEYOND OBLIVION - A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you'll see show up in the books.

**** Warning: book does end on a cliffhanger ****

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New Series Who's Who

Starting a new series of books is one of my favorite things to do, and also the hardest to do. A lot of times characters change as I write them. Like when we originally started putting Hammered together we’d had a retired wrestler in mind for our drummer, Hudson Wyatt. We knew the look we were going for, then while spelunking on Pinterest we found a race car driver, Jenson Button. He fit all the things we were looking for, and man…hello, hotness on the racecar driver thing. So…changing up that backstory was a no-brainer.

And seriously, go take a look around Pinterest. That guy is deeeeelicious!

Football star, Eric Decker, fell in love with Jessie James and their exploits were all over the tabloids. They even ended up doing a reality show on Bravo or one of those crazy channels. Huge football dude with a tiny dog and so in love with his wife that he was a smushball? Yes…yes, please! And so Hunter Jordan was born. 

These are the wild and wacky things that come up while we’re creating characters. And I can guarantee that even just starting book two in this series will make a tidal wave of changes to what we’d already decided when plotting out the series. It’s just how we work, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Below you’ll find a few details to what’s in store for this series.

Hammered - The Band

Hunter Jordan - Singer
Reed "Bats" Mason - Guitar
Owen Blackwell - Bassist
Hudson Wyatt - Drums
Faith "Keys" Keystone - Piano/keyboards
Zachary Kane - Guitar

Hammered’s Supporting Cast
Indiana West – manager
John Saint – tour chef
Patrick O’Connor – security/driver/bodyguard/babysitter
Gabe – head of security
Dex Munroe – Ripper Record Exec
Jessica Travers – fan club
Lila Shawcross – Ripper Records 
Donovan Lewis – Ripper Records owner

And boy do we love our Pinterest boards. So, if you’d like to see the inspiration behind Manaconda you can go here:
And series here:

USA Today Bestselling duo, Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott, have been having a ton of fun with rock stars, but they also love a good MMA fighter story, oh and a suited guy. Can’t forget the suited guys. Getting these two authors together always includes some sweet & snarky moments, a lot of angst, and unlimited heat.

Oh, and let's not forget the jaw dropping moments. They really love those.

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