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Blog Tour: Rock & Roll Country: Jessie's Girl Part 1 By  Kandice Michelle Young

Blog Tour:
Rock & Roll Country:
Jessie's Girl Part 1
 Kandice Michelle Young
Mar 21st - Apr 4th

The rock star meets the country music wannabe.

Jesse Lee didn't believe in love at first sight. Heart closed off by the tragic events of a past life, he refused to open the gates and let anyone in. Lonely nights filled with hit it and quit it romances, Jesse left his mark on beautiful women across the United States. That was before he walked into a bar in Memphis, Tennessee looking for his next catch. The moment he saw her on the stage, Jesse knew he had to have her. The only problem was he wasn't sure one night would be enough.

Trapped by the mistakes of her reckless childhood, Sophie Westbrook was looking for a way out. She never imagined it'd come in the form of the overly confident British born rock star, who happened to stroll in during her shift. Fueled by her need to do everything right, Sophie swore she'd never get involved with the wrong man again. That was before she knew just how right falling for Jesse could be.

Forced to choose between a world she never wanted and the life she could've had, Sophie must decide if Jesse's worth the risk of giving her heart away again.

Caught in a struggle between the man he is and the man he wants to be, Jesse must decide whether losing it all means gaining everything in return.

Part one of five.

I received this book as an ARC for a honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Stacy Aube for Cutting Muse Blog Review.

This is a start for Jesse and Sophie. They have both suffered such great loss. Hopefully they can lean on each other and love again. Can't wait for part two.


Kandice is…
…a serial lover of all things pink, self-proclaimed chocoholic, home-schooling mother, and wannabe yogi.
Her debut erotica novel, Run to You, the first in the series Run, is coming soon.
Kandi’s love of storytelling can be traced back to her fourth grade year, when a history lesson on Native Americans became too unimaginative for her liking.  She took it upon herself to liven things up by creating a story that was based on half-truths about a self-named Indian Princess. Kandice is in fact of Native American heritage (her great-grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee) and in her own mind a princess, so you can see where her inspiration came from.  Her story was a huge hit with friends, and an author was born.

Kandice was born and raised in rural Arkansas, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Though, if you ask her she’ll confirm that her soul is lost somewhere on the west coast waiting for the day that her body can rejoin it.




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