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Jaye Cox

Jun 16th - Jun 23rd

Neverland University was never where I imagined I would end up, but life changed for me after my brother died. Everything I wanted didn’t seem to matter anymore and, all I knew was I wanted to leave Jonte’s legacy and this is where he planned to do that. Everything started out great; my roommate became my best friend, I was in a top sorority and my boyfriend was quarterback. Secrets, lies and betrayal made me end up feeling like everything I had set out wanting, no longer mattered. 

Pace was what I wanted; Camden is who I ended up with. My head told me one thing and my heart another. 
I came to Neverland to have fun and to prove a point to myself. Everything was on track until I met her, she changed the way I saw the world; her innocence is pure, she has a heart of gold, so what’s the problem? Love, that’s the whole problem. I couldn’t give her what she wanted. I didn’t want to hurt her. In the end, I've done just that without even trying. I wasn’t worth the heartache. Camden always had everything I wanted, and this time I just gave it to him. 

Love was never something I wanted; now she is everything I need, but is it too late. Was everything that happened too much for her to forgive? 

Jaye Cox was born in Frankston Victoria and as a young child, she moved to sunny Queensland. Jaye is a wife and mother to six children. While raising her children for the last thirteen years, she decided she wanted to pursue her love of writing, which started with her love of reading. It is the one thing that became her break and escape of insanity of a large family.  jaye loves being a full-time mother, watching her children grow and enjoying every minute of it.

Jaye is an Author of heartbreakingly beautiful romance, who likes to think her characters can relate to real life people. She hopes her books can relate to events in our lives, that at the time we may not understand why, but one day maybe something good can come from the situation. Jaye doesn't just like to think up characters, she loves to create friends and families who share a special bond.



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