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BLOG Tour: The Passion Series by Dana L. Elgrod

The Passion Series Blog Tour

Title: The Passions Series
By: Dana L. Elgrod
Genre: Erotic Romance Adventure

The Passion to Survive

Adventure, love.. What else do you need in life?

When Eva gets pulled out of the water and learns that she was rescued from a destructive tsunami wave that demolished the island of Tenerife, her paradise turns into hell. Together with a small group of survivors, including Ethan, a US Marine Corps officer, Lily, a six-year-old British girl and Jonathan, a young man from New Zealand, she waits to be rescued. The group soon discovers that a series of unprecedented disasters befell the entire world and they must now embark on a grueling journey to reach a safe haven.

Throughout the journey additional survivors join the small group and together they must face a new world order that is unexpected, thrilling and at times even chilling.

Ethan and Eva form an exceptional and powerful bond that over time develops into a sensual and stormy love affair, but the obstacles they face along the way and the additional characters they encounter, continuously challenge their relationship.

An erotic adventure romance about the true power of love and passion.

When the world, as we know it, is gone, all we are left with is the passion to survive.

 The Passion to Live

Adventure, love... The breathtaking journey continues!
The second book in the erotic adventure series The Passions

In The Passion #2 Eva and Ethan leave for the USA to find out what happened to their families. Anatoly, Lily, Jonathan and their other new friends join them, in order to find a place that they can call home. The group continues to discover the world that has been recreated in the aftermath of the disasters that have taken place. En route, they meet up with more survivors and are forced to deal with unexpected obstacles.

˃˃˃ Get ready for the best emotional rollercoaster of your life
Will they be reunited with their families? Will the powerful and sensual romance between Eva and Ethan endure the biggest test of all? And will the new family manage to stay united in spite of everything? When the world as we know itends, all that is left is the passion to survive. When the new world begins, we have no choice but to fight for the passion to live.

 The Passion to Love

An erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet!
The third book in the erotic adventure series The Passions

Eva's journey is not yet over. She has to go to Russia to save Anatoly, and she has to do it alone. Will Ethan allow her to embark on this journey? What has happened to Anatoly? And how will the group of survivors deal with a huge challenge threatening to tear apart their fragile existence that they have worked so hard to achieve?

In this third book of the 'Passions' series, an erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet, the new family members experience surprising challenges, unexpected encounters and a whirlwind of feelings that teach them all about the power of love. When the world as we know it comes to an end all that is left is the passion to survive. When the new world is created, we must fight for the passion to live. And when we realize that life is stronger than all else, we are propelled by the passion to love!

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About Dana L. Elgrod

My name is Dana Levy Elgrod. I am married to Sir James Elgrod...Well, he's not really a sir, but for me, he is. I am the proud mother of Shachar, a smart, gifted little girl of 7 going on seventeen and Jonathan, my fiery, funny little boy of 5, who has the amazing ability to stretch the truth to suit himself.

I am a lecturer in communications at a private university and CEO of a public relations company. I'm addicted to books; at the age of six I entered a library and haven't left since.

The first romance I ever read, and that left the biggest mark, was 'Gone With The Wind'. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just think of Scarlett O'Hara, and say to myself" After all... tomorrow is another day."

I was raised in a warm and loving family. My parents taught me the power of imagination, to aim as high as I can, and to live life without fear because good things happen to good people. When I met my husband, I realized how amazing it is to live with someone who shows you what love and passion with no boundaries are all about.

I hope and pray that I have succeeded in conveying this message to my readers.

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Twitter: @DanaLElgrod

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