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Risk: A Love & Corruption Novella Author: Bree Pierce Genre: Mafia Romance

Risk: A Love & Corruption Novella 
Author: Bree Pierce
Genre: Mafia Romance
Pain. Being away from her was physical and mental anguish for Zayin Rhodes. Her flowing platinum hair and grey, discerning eyes were branded on him. There would never be another woman for him. Never. If he couldn't have her, he might whither and turn to ash as he slowly died inside. The cold fa├žade Zayin put on so many times when the job required it would become his only look if that happened.

Falling in love with anyone but John Rhodes hadn't been in the plan. But things had warped terribly out of control and Avery found herself longing for John's cousin, Zayin, as John announced that he would be marrying Jane, a hostage of the Rhodes family. Due to those strange circumstances, Zayin and Avery share a night of passion that changes everything. Now decisions must be made as to whether she is going to stay or run. She would be leaving with her lover's baby, and with an angry mob boss searching for her. Is love really worth the risk of staying though?

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Risk Excerpt:
    “I don’t care.  Once in a while I need at least one stolen moment with you,” his voice was husky as he replied.  “I can’t live without it, Avery.”
    Surprise bloomed in her wide eyes at his sweet and honest words.  Avery’s lips turned down in a slight frown as a tear slipped from her right eye and trailed down her cheek before Zayin reached out and wiped it away.  “I don’t know how much longer I can do this, Zayin.”
    Feeling the sting from her words, he replied, “What do you mean?”
    “I mean I can’t sit here and wait for someone to determine our future much longer when you can try to change that.”  Avery blinked back the tears forming in her glassy eyes.  Seeing her like this was tearing Zayin apart inside.
    “I can’t risk him saying no.  We would never be together.  There wouldn’t even be a chance in hell for me to hold onto anymore,” he ground out through his clenched teeth.
    Suddenly Avery quit dancing, pulling Zayin to an abrupt stop as well.  “Life is about taking risks, Zayin.”  With a sad expression, she pulled away from him and walked off.
    After Avery caught Jane’s bouquet, she left and didn’t come back for days.  Of course he knew why, but Zayin didn’t want to face the facts.  She was just about done having to wait.  If she left him for good, it would be his own fault.
    Seeing how happy John and Jane were together cut him even deeper.  Not that everything was perfect for them; far from it actually.  But for some reason, an innocent hostage and the Boss’s son had fallen in love, married out of duty and to save Jane from the inevitable.  Out of all that, they still managed to look every bit as happy as a regular married couple.  Maybe even more so.

    Zayin was happy for them both, but it also caused him pain being without Avery.  Knowing that his inaction was hurting her.  Deprived of the one woman on the planet that he couldn’t do without.

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This gives us a great look into Zayin and Avery. We met these two in Love &Corruption and seen their more fierce side. In this we get to see a more loving side of the two. This is a really good story. 

I received this book as an SRC for a honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Stacy Aube for Cutting Muse Blog Review.


About the Author:
Bree Pierce grew up in a rural area in Arkansas and still resides in a small town in the same state.  As a child she dreamed of becoming an author one day and loved to make up stories about animals and knights in shining armor.  As she hit adulthood and started a family, those dreams were lost for a time, but were revived with a vengeance and now she writes a little bit of everything from shifter fairy tales to vampires, zombies, and a little good old fashioned romance.  Bree is married to a wonderfully supportive husband and has three beautiful children and 2 dogs to keep her days filled with laughter.  Be sure to check out her pages or send her a quick email.  And if you enjoyed this book, please consider leaving a review!

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Email: authorbreepierce@gmail.com

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