Thursday, March 16, 2017

Release Blitz: Lisa Vs Outlaw by Mona Cox

Title: Lisa Vs Outlaw 
Author: Mona Cox 
Genre: Romance 

Billionaires, bosses, professors, princes...whatevsya know? I need a real man.  Good luck finding an outlaw in the Hamptons.  Just because someone has some whips and chains doesn't make me go all gooey.  I mean, I could just go buy that at the dollar store.  Nope. I need rugged. I need alpha. I need an outlaw.  Not some white collar criminal either. Insider stock trading does not make you an outlaw. Neither does stealing cable. Or tearing the tags off pillows.  But that's all I have to choose from.  Until I meet Diesel and get captivated by his mysterious eyes, and insanely hot body.  He's the total package - emphasis on the word "package".  Now there's just one question.  Will his bike ever be the same after I ride it?  And I'm not talking about the Harley either ;)  *** It's the cute single girl versus the Big Bad Outlaw in this sixth installment from Mona Cox. Guaranteed to be sweet, steamy, sassy, and fun. No cheating or cliffhangers. HEA? You know it, babe! *** 

Get ready for one hot and naughty Outlaw!

Poor Lisa has about had it with hearing her friends gush about their perfect men. It's not that she doesn't want them to be happy, but the non stop sighing and bragging about their men being ravenous is getting old.

Lisa doesn't want no CEO in a suit. She wants a bad boy, straight up alpha.

She meets Diesel in the most peculiar way. He saves her life, twice. Claims he's an Outlaw, but how can he be with that polo shirt on, and is Diesel even his given name?

Boy oh boy, do these two tear up the sheets and give as good as they get.

You don't want to miss this dirty, naughty as sin Outlaw. He is yummy!

****I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy.****

Laura Redmon
Cutting Muse Blog Review


Mona Cox is the pen name that Alexis Angel uses to write steamy contemporary romance when she is co-writing with other authors.  Mona represents the bygone times of all of us. When we were independent, carefree, and the world was still new and waiting to be explored. When we didn’t have bills and responsibilities and the biggest thing on our minds was finding that perfect dress to wear on the date with the perfect guy and how long we wanted to wait till we let him take it off.  Whenever possible, Alexis seeks to co-write with others as she seeks to learn and grow as an author.  Mona releases weekly and to keep track of who she is working with which week, sign up to her Mona’s Moaners newsletter at or email her at 

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