Monday, June 5, 2017

***Release Blitz*** Framed, Freedom Queen RH Series, Book One, Part One by Nix Banner


Book One, Part One

By Nix Banner

Freedom Queen Reverse Harem Series

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***This is a Reverse Harem***

***Read at your own discretion***

***Trigger Warnings***

Emily Dolt has been framed for the murder of Eloise Delcour, one of the very few women left in this realm. Now, she must face the King, or as she so lovingly calls him 'Fucker'. Upon capture, the feisty little fairy is forced into a cave.. And what does she see? Two rugged men on leashes and a sinfully sexy King with a cruel streak and a thirst not only for her blood but for her body.

(!) Look out for more of the Freedom Queen RH series, coming soon! (!)

***This is a Reverse Harem***

US   UK   CA  AU  KU

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Nix Banner was summoned on a dark and stormy night in Hell. Literally. A pentagram was drawn by the Devil himself, as he called upon the one and only person he is and ever will be afraid of. And.. There she appeared. She's short, has a feisty temper, rotten tongue and takes no bullshit from nobody.

  Following behind her is her trusty Reverse Harem of book boyfriends. Two up front, her Vampire King Griffon and her Lion God Tandem, stood by her, possessive hands battling for the right to hold her close. With a flick of her wrist, they are frozen, bodies forced to turn back, shame etching their faces, as to embarrass their Queen.  

A man of epic proportions named Graysen and a man of Irish descent with a heavy accent named Kieran, rushed to stand next to her, ever the Gentleman. Nix gazes at the men, then upon the Devil himself who called her, "Well.. Well.. Well.." She clucks her tongue, circling the poor brute, "What is it you need?" A fiery glow forms and a red token appears, worth billions in the Demon world, "My Liege-" The Devil bows low, Minion's following his lead, hands risen much like a prayer but instead it held a book. Nix's book. The click of a pen sounds and she scribbles upon the open page. "Who am I making this out to?" The Devil speaks, briefly raising his head, before lowering it. "My daughter-" He lets out a harsh cough at the fib but Nix lets it slide. "And what is her name?" She questions in a bored voice, as the man scratches the back of his neck in a flustered fashion, "Lucifer XXIIVV, My Queen." With a flick of her wrist, she finished in an instant, pushing the book back at him. "There you go!" She sends him a dazzling smile, looking about the crowd. "Who's next?" Instantly, the males swarmed her.

US   UK   CA  AU  KU

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