Word Of Mouth

Pam won one our many events giveaways; and therefore won one of our large extremely detailed plots. This is what she thinks of it-

Pam Merashoff Beach

I have read the story plot that Makayla Redmon has generously allowed me to read, I think that the story line is original. Utopia but with dangerous and almost impossible twists makes for a great start. The characters are random but interesting and make for a great adventure. I think that it is a great plot line and with some imagination and skill that you obviously have as a writer, it will make for a great book. I think you have skills!!!!! 

Diana and Anita were answering a survey on what they think of our blog. This is what they said-

Diana Marie DuBois

You rock.

Anita Scott Shofner 

You rock our world

We will post more soon.... Feel free to add your Word of Mouth!

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